Sunday, August 9, 2009

Serving Up Vintage Finds

Boonsboro Days is next month (see sidebar). Emma suggested that we have a craft day with Lydia to get us going on making things to sell. So yesterday, we had fun with some of the vintage goodies we've found this summer. My goal was to put together a fruit and flowers arrangement. I started with a red transferware ironstone compote (bought at the DC Big Flea last weekend):
Then I sorted through millinery decorations
and antique and vintage ribbons I've been collecting for a couple of years.
Sometimes I use a few new materials, but usually I stick with antique and vintage things. I often build them onto a small base within the compote, vase, or stand. This time, I just started building directly onto the compote using a hot glue gun. I only put glue on the stems to fasten them. This process can be as quick or deliberate as you like. My approach is always slow--trying this and that until it looks just the way I'd like it to. Here was yesterday's result:I had a glass cloche at home, so I left room for that along the edge of the compote. Otherwise, I would have loaded more things on for a fuller, overflowing Furber look.

While I was working away, Lydia got the girls (Larissa, Saxon, and Emma) going on watercolor bookmarks. They produced some great work!Here are some of Emma's in progress:
Some pretty bling vintage buttons (also found at the DC Big Flea) called out to me to make pins. I also had a stash of yo-yos made of vintage fabric, one old ribbon flower, and a linen flower. With some linen and felt for backing (thanks Lydia!), I sewed some of them together and made these:
Emma made these colorful pins:Lydia was so busy helping everyone else and preparing food that it was difficult for her to do her own art projects! But she started making pretty ornaments using old porcelain dolls and doll parts. Can't wait to see the finished work--thanks Lydia for hosting such a fun day for all of us!


Lydia said...

It was great fun!

Finished that bird one, and working on a large piece of wood right now.

Good to see you today as well:) Can I pull a photo or two, if nec? Still haven't seen ours.

Diane said...

Everything looks so yummy, great eye candy, those pins Emma made are darling! What beautiful girls, and so busy with their projects. I love seeing that!
Have a great week.
Hugs, Diane

Sue said...

Thanks for the heads up about Boonsboro days. I may have to check it out. I used to go there all the time to visit an artist friend of mine (until she decided to move to the island of Crete!). Its a great little town. I am always happy to discover another "Marylander" with a blog, and look forward to reading more of yours.

Sue E.

Blondie's Journal said...


Thanks for visiting today!! Wow! You have a lovely blog. I love how you made your floral arrangement and I REALLY love that compote!!

It sounds like you have much fun with your sales and events. I'd love to see more of your creations in the future!

Have a wonderful week! :-)