Monday, August 31, 2009

Fighting the Bum Foot Blues!

My last hurrah before breaking my left foot last Tuesday was shopping for the previous weekend's finds at Chartreuse, Lucketts, and a shop in between the two locations, My Wit's End. I've shared pictures at Chartreuse and Lucketts Store in previous posts, so here's My Wit's End:This shop has furniture, smalls, and a couple of outbuildings with items waiting to be worked over or repurposed. I bought a few things here, including some lock and key themed buttons that I'm going to use in crafts. Possibly jewelry. I also bought a vintage chalkware flower basket wall placque in perfect condition. Very bright colors; I'm taking it to Boonsboro Days. Yes, I'm still planning on doing the show that's just 12 days away (I committed to it last Feb. and have been looking forward to it). Yikes!

I only bought two things at Chartreuse this time--a round print of cherubs and a small aqua bottle. The Lucketts fair was going on that weekend and I didn't buy much there, either. Here's what I picked up that able-bodied weekend on those outings.
I'm trying to use some of my now-abundant spare time crafting. I made this out of an antique pink lustreware cup that I bought at a yard sale in between Chartreuse, etc. The cup was missing its saucer and has a hairline. This arrangement looks a bit like a berry explosion! Should I cut back the berry branches?
Here's a little vintage blue bird decoration I pulled together with a blue glass vintage compote from an estate sale last month:I think this is cute, but will it sell? I did well at Boonsboro last year, but that was before the big hammer fell on Wall Street, buyouts, etc. I'm planning to take lots of reasonably-priced items this year, which was pretty much my approach last year!

If any of you sellers out there have tips on how your shows have been going lately, please let me know. Antiques, vintage, crafts. What are people buying? Price points? Shoppers, I'd like to hear from you too! Thanks for any thoughts you might share :)

Even more importantly, thanks to those of you who have wished me well in my recovery and said prayers for my foot!


Rebecca said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment
Hope you have a good show concidering this one will be a hard one with a broken foot and all...I hope you have enough help.
I quit doing shows but the gals that have done themaround here said they have done well. Good luck

simplyiowa said...

Hi Jenny,
Thanks for your comment on the urn. I think many of us busy girls have the same gardens design... so sorry to hear about your break, hope it heals fast! About shows, they are on the up swing, antiques are doing well. That's all I do, except for vintage garden, and that still seems to be strong, this late in the season! I love your early tea cup, and use mine, when I want to feel special. They are wonderful!
Get well soon!
Barb C.