Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day - Folk Art and a Parade!

Happy Fourth of July from the midwest. I'm here for my 30th high school reunion. Before we left on the trip, I took a picture of our 8-foot wooden flagpole and 48-star American flag to commemorate this day!
Some festive pictures from the local parade--
My adorable 2-year-old nephew, Cam:
The living American flag a la central Ohio:
A wacky patriotic spectacle:
It wouldn't be complete without a festive pink vintage car:
With a nod to Dorothy and tornado country, the parade's theme, "There's no place like home...."There certainly is no place like Upper Arlington!

Enjoy your holiday, your freedom, and your family :)

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Lydia said...

Great parade! We had fireworks in the park last night that were fab, w/a beautiful voice of a young woman singing the Nat'l Anthem. Serge caught some cool shots on the new camera.

I went to a local party and saw Thomas Jefferson speaking!..and many others. Off to a mile long yard sale in Hagerstown!

Have a great trip. See you next week:)

Love the ladies' flag....