Sunday, July 26, 2009

Leesburg, VA--The Grand Tour

This morning, the girls headed to Leesburg, Virginia. I hadn't been there in years. To many residents of Maryland, driving into northern Virginia is not for the squeamish. There is the capital beltway to negotiate, lots of traffic, and an occasional semi that tips over with lots of messy cargo. But a Sunday late morning seemed like a good time to go. The boys (with a friend along, too) were heading for other amusements. Leesburg was ours!

Leesburg is west of Washington, DC. It's quaint with well-maintained historic buildings lining the streets. All shops we visited are either on or adjoin Route 15 (AKA James Monroe Highway). Some of them have blogs that you can access via their web sites. I know that you're dying of suspense, so let's take a look at some of the goodies we brought home.I was pretty tired when I took this picture and it shows!

Our first stop was The Cottage. This shop is in an old house with two floors of charming rooms decorated with vintage pieces in different themes and colors. Really cute. We bought a piece of ironstone, a small handpainted china dish, and some great lotion and other sundries. This was on the second floor:I loved the colors in this room.

We stopped next door in Rose Cottage (I think this is the right name!). We met the nicest lady there; she recently moved her business from Great Falls to Leesburg. Very pretty things here, too! She had a to-die-for gold-painted chair with a gorgeous green toile cushion, but it was out of my price range and it wasn't quite the right style for my house. Still....

I'd given Sue of Vintage Rescue Squad an e-mail alert that we were heading over to Leesburg. We missed each other last week at Chartreuse, but we met today! Here she is foofing her boof (this is Sue-speak) at Leesburg Antique Emporium:She is extremely nice. To me, she's a blog celebrity and has been blogging and selling her fun finds for a couple of years. Sue has two spaces in this mall; the newest is VRS al fresco. Very cute garden-related things. I bought a brown transferware ironstone platter from her.

Adjoining Leesburg Antique Emporium is Four Shabby Chicks. Nice things to tempt you here, too, like the pink wooden basket and two new toile-patterned storage doohickeys we bought (to organize our craft supplies we rationalized). I began thinking I was going to be out of money before I got back home. And we had a few more places to hit. We asked for a recommendation for a good place to eat lunch (as it was midafternoon) and these nice ladies recommended South Street Under, which was just a few blocks away. Our sandwiches were wonderful, but we did pay a tiny premium for not having McDonalds instead (we actually never saw a McDs)!

Before we left downtown, we stopped in Ekster. This shop has had a lot of press and we thought it was a cool place. Very European. The clever check-out area:
Dining ideas:
Garden delights:
We drove on to our next stop several miles north of town--On a Whim. They didn't allow photographs there, but go to their web site for a look. The pink silo with black polka dots is a great landmark (maybe that depends on your point of view). It saved me from flying right by. Inside, we found an antique oval picture frame with old portrait and the very fun vintage tin with handles. I have to admit: seeing the tin was an OMG moment and the price was right.

Last, but not least, on this Grand Tour was Lucketts Store. This place is amazing and overwhelming. The main building is a three story house with warrens of rooms. I was dizzy with the views. Beautiful colors here, too. We bought a few small pieces of ironstone, two small glass domes, and cold drinks. Outside are numerous small buildings loaded with more stuff. It began to sprinkle and purplish clouds were in the west, so we conceded that it was time to head home.

The boys loved the rollercoasters and we loved our country ride. With that, I could face the laundry ahead :)


Vintage Sue said...

So glad I finally met you, and could add to your ironstone collection. I had just put a price on that like 20 minutes before you arrived!

Thanks for the shoutout. And don't forget that the camera adds like 20 pounds....

XOX and hope to see you junking again soon. And that Emma finds a rocking dress form

Jenny said...

It was fun to put a face to the humor on your blog. You were a gracious booth hostess-hug and all! When I head over to Virginia (don't know when), I'll sound the alarm....


Laura said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by and I am so glad you did as now I am here to see your lovely blog....I like your style and your stuff!...and will follow you....Be back soon...
Take care,

trash talk said...

What a great tour I just got! Sue is a hoot, isn't she? She could write a book of just Sueisms!!!
Great post.

FrenchGardenHouse said...

sigh. That was fun. Nothing we like more than shopping is "blog" shopping! Thanks so much for the tour, looks like you had a wonderful time.

Diane said...

Jenny, thanks for stopping by my Blog, by the looks of your Posts it seems we have a lot in common. What fun pictures you have of all these wonderful treasure spots. I sure did enjoy my visit and now my dear you are bookmarked in my favorites!
Hugs, Diane

Lydia said...

You went without me!haha- actually, Serge and I left Sunday night to Northeast to watch my grand niece(the little cutie at the party) for 2 days! Emergency help for them. We had a blast.

Thanks to Steve for the Sunday trip for S. :)

Lydia said...

PS- Vivian, (, is having a Halloween swap-well, actually 2 of them- shadow box and pin keep. Maybe you'd like to check them out-or even Emma:)

Oh, yeah- we have to make the date for the before the show artwork/play get together:) la

Sue said...

Sounds like you had a great road trip. I try to make it down to Lucketts and Leesburg at least once a month. (I'm coming from MD near Frederick). But how could you even think of doing laundry after all your hard work shopping. You should fix yourself a cold drink, put your feet up and enjoy your treasures!

Sue E.

Karen- The Graphics Fairy said...

Hi Jenny,
It looks like you hit all the best places in Leesburg! I'm glad you had a fun time at Lucketts too!! Thanks for stopping by my Fleurish blog, and letting me know that you were in my space that day!