Sunday, July 19, 2009

Our Backyard Garden

Like making lemonade when life gives you lemons, turn a few hours of weeding into an opportunity for a blog post! Among the features that we really love about our house are the screened porch and its view of the backyard. They are an extension of the home in so many ways. Walking out on the screened porch, it seems like you are enveloped in greenery and privacy. You can see one of our two ponds in the lower left of this picture:
When you step off the deck steps and turn into the yard, you are in shade and feel like you are moving into a new, expanding space. Early in the summer we had lots of rain, but lately it's been dry. The lonely sticks of grass under the trees are now a memory.The metal bench is a favorite spot in the shade across from the sugar maple and next to the Japanese maple.

We have several small concrete and stone garden statues/figures throughout the yard. This little bunny sits on a faux bois tree stump next to two mushrooms. These things don't have to be proportional, do they??Further away, you can see the urn and column (the latter we bought last year from Jeannie Trammell) that we love.

We have spiderwort growing around the upper pond (our yard has a slant). We find that the blooms get heavy for the stalks and they gradually fall over from the weight. The colors are purple, magenta, and white. The little praying cherub, like the previously-mentioned urn, are from Surreybrooke Gardens in Middletown, Maryland. At their home page, click on the "gardens" link to see many beautiful pictures.
Our ponds have fascinated us every year. Usually, we have goldfish, shubunkins, comets, fantails, and other fish, but they have always been too attractive for great blue herons. The herons had never completely wiped them out until last fall. I miss our fish! Meanwhile, we are enjoying our developing amphibious life. On the leaf is the tiniest baby frog I've ever seen. Its length is about the diameter of a dime or nickel.In the water you can see other frogs in their tadpole/pollywog progression.

A couple of chairs are always welcome for sitting and just staying put--especially after weeding, hacking branches, and other gardening duties.Here's to rest and enjoying the results!


Finegan Antiques said...


Your backyard looks like Heaven. So private and peaceful. I think I could spend many hours sitting in one of your chairs. In your pond this Spring did you get any peepers. Sometimes they are known as pinkletinks or tinkletoes?


Laura said...

What a beautiful outdoor space you have created! Thank you so much for stopping by and for leaving kind is wonderful to meet another kindred spirit...

Jenny said...

Donna, I'm certain we had dozens of peepers. All spring, especially after rain, we had a loud chorus of peeping. We hear a variety sounds coming from those ponds! Thanks for leaving such a nice comment.

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

What a lovely yard you have. You, like me, once you get out there weeding probably have to make yourself stop and sit a minute to enjoy your endeavors.

Lydia said...

I love your backyard. Looking very Surreybrooke like:)

CARole said...

I love a screened porch! It reminds me of being a child and just makes me feel cozy. You yard is lovely, especially love the pond. I remember when I was small finding a tiny frog like that. Too cute!

Jenny said...

Joan, Lydia, and Carole,

Wish you all could just come on over! Maybe one day there will be a major show or blogging event over this way... :)

Thanks for visiting my blog!


Jenny said...

Laura, didn't mean to forget you, yikes! I love your blog--you are quite the photographer!